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Handyman services are something that you will require time and time again. Whether it’s carpentry work, drywall repair, light installation, painting, or plumbing, these are needs that are likely to crop up every now and then. Nonetheless, you need to exceed a lot of caution when choosing these services. With a team of handyman experts in Elmira, CA, Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works will provide you with the best services in:

Carpentry Work

For all your carpentry needs, Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works has got you covered. They have experts who are experienced in all kinds of carpentry work. This can be anything you need, either for your home or for your business premises in Elmira, CA. Whether you are looking for storage units or cabinets, among others, they will be done to your satisfaction.

Drywall Installation and Repair

Drywall installation is a delicate procedure, and it requires a lot of skill. With experts in drywall building, you can trust Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works to install your drywall whether you just want one in your bathroom or any other building section. This is because they are knowledgeable about the best drywall materials and techniques.

With time, your drywall may start to wear out. You can always get your drywall fixed by the Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works experts in Elmira, CA.

Light Installation

When it comes to the light system in your home or building, you may not know how to go about it. However, you do not have to worry yourself about this. A team of electricians from Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works are ready to help you with all sorts of light installations. Whether it’s for your bathroom or other parts of your building in Elmira, CA, they will help you design and install the lighting systems you need.


Painting plays a big role in the appearance of your home. Even if everything else is done well, it won’t matter if the painting is not done correctly. Choosing a color combination that will go well with your bathroom and various rooms is only one part. You will also need quality paint which will remain on your walls for years. With this in mind, Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works is the best for the job in Elmira, CA.


Needless to say, the plumbing system in your house or building is vital. Any project involving this should be taken with uttermost seriousness. A slight mistake can leave you with a lot of damage to control. You, therefore, cannot afford to hire the wrong plumbing services. If you need a new plumbing system or get an existing one unblocked in Elmira, CA, Trendy Bathroom Remodel Works will get this done for you by plumbing experts.

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Elmira Handyman Services
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