How To Clean Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fixtures?

Brushed Nickel bathroom fixtures are popular for their durable finish and ability to prevent water spots. If you’re planning on adding brushed nickel faucets to your bathroom, the warm cleaning tone might sound intimidating, but the cleaning process isn’t much different from other faucets. The play of light and shadow on the metal surface gives brushed nickel an equally elegant and easy to clean look.

Brushed nickel cleaning

To remove dirt from brushed nickel, dampen a soft cloth with water, and wipe down the surface. Performing this procedure daily will remove any dirt before it collects on the surface. Another way to remove light dirt from brushed nickel is to use a glass cleaner. Just make sure there is no ammonia or alcohol in the glass cleaner ingredients.

To remove stubborn water spots, spray a soft cloth with a solution containing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Every time you clean the brushed nickel bathroom faucet, you should rinse the finish well. After washing the brushed nickel with a clean damp cloth, wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth

Due to regular cleaning and daily use, you should also wax matte nickel bathroom accessories every four weeks as the wax will restore shine. Apply a layer of wax paste with a soft, dry cloth and apply it in small circular motions to the matte nickel surface. Once the device is covered with wax paste, polish the nickel with a soft, dry cloth.

Precautions for cleaning brushed nickel

When cleaning Matt nickel, avoid using bleach and especially avoid detergents containing alcohol or ammonia. Never use abrasive cleaners or abrasive cloths, as they will damage the entire surface of your devices.

If you store acidic substances on matte nickel for a long time, they may leave brown stains. Finally, try not to leave sponges, towels, or other cleaning wipes in the sink overnight. These materials can retain water, stain, and discolor matte nickel.

Using Simple Green Cleaner

When cleaning brushed nickel bathroom faucets with Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner, first make sure the dilution levels are correct. If brushed nickel is heavily contaminated, the product does not need to be diluted. For daily cleaning of floors with moderate water content, dilute 30 ml of solution in 1 glass of water. For easy cleaning d. H. Dust and fingerprints: dilute 30 ml of solution in 4 glasses of water.

If you are cleaning thick dirt, pre-moisten the surface as this will allow the solution to penetrate the floor better and make it easier to remove dirt and soot. Let the solution soak in the matte nickel for one minute, then wipe down the device with a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse the affected area with clean water and a soft damp cloth.

Always dry and polish the surface with a clean cloth. This will ensure that your lights retain their polished finish without leaving streaks.

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How To Clean Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fixtures
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