How To Clean A NuTone Bathroom Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are important for deterring odors and preventing moisture from entering, which can promote mold and mildew growth. There are currently several types of bathroom fans available on the market. Many homeowners use NuTone bathroom fans to control humidity and odor in the toilet.

NuTone bathroom fans are efficient enough to reduce humidity in the bathroom, control humidity and prevent fogging of mirrors. They can also be equipped with a bulb that illuminates your space well. While NuTone bathroom fans are efficient, they can get dirty and noisy over time due to dust build-up. Signs of reduced efficiency also indicate that the fan needs cleaning. You don’t need to hire a professional to clean your NuTone bathroom fan. You can do it yourself. Below are instructions on how to clean the NuTone fan with light.

How to clean a NuTone bathroom fan – instructions

Turn off the switch

Turn off the NuTone fan before starting the cleaning process. Leaving the ventilator can cause serious injury.

Remove the fan cover.

Take the fan cover and lower it a few inches. You can see the sliding spring clips on all sides of the cover. Press the spring clip on the slider and pull on the cover to remove it. Remove the spring clip from all sides so that the cover can be removed.

Loosen the screws

Loosen the three screws that should be visible from the front of the NuTone fan. Do not remove the screws yet.

Remove the fan housing

Move the fan housing about an inch from the wall. Remove the fan from the assembly so that it comes down about seven inches. Unplug the fan cable and place the fan on the newspaper.

Remove the screws

Remove the three bolts previously loosened to separate the motor and fan from the chassis.

Clean the housing

Clean the fan housing with a soft cloth and detergent.

Clean the blades

Wipe the fan blades with a cotton cloth soaked in detergent. Do not bend the blades as this may damage the fan.

Assemble the fan

Now reassemble the fan and reconnect it to the power supply. Your NuTone bathroom fan should now run quietly and efficiently.

How to Clean a NuTone Bathroom Fan – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How do I maintain my NuTone bathroom fan?

Cleaning a NuTone bathroom fan isn’t easy. So, follow our maintenance tips so that you don’t have to remove it completely and clean it more often:

  • Do not do this when you are not taking a shower or using the bathroom.
  • Wipe it down weekly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent surface dust and dirt from entering the fan housing.

Q.2) How do I clean the kitchen fan?

These fans are a bit more difficult to clean, so we recommend that you consult the documentation for your particular model if possible. If you have lost the exhaust fan manual, search for the model number to find cleaning information online.

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How To Clean A NuTone Bathroom Fan
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