Questions To Ask A Vacaville Bathroom Renovation Contractor

Finding the perfect bathroom contractor can be quite a challenge. While friends and family may refer some contractors to you, that does not mean they are the best fit for your project.

This article will help you with your budget and questions to ask a contractor before bathroom renovation.

How much does a contractor cost to renovate a bathroom?

The hourly rate for a general bathroom contractor will vary based on years of experience and qualifications. The rate typically starts at $45 / hour and can increase dramatically as expertise refines (up to $ 80 / hour and more). It is much the same for the tiler and the painter. The other players, such as the plumber and the electrician, are around $100 / hour. The cost of renovating your bathroom will therefore depend on the number of man-hours required to complete the job and the level of experience of the professionals involved.

Majority of contractors offer turnkey services, which means that even if the project takes longer than expected or the employees are slower, your price will not change. They will give you access to their in-house designers or designers and can include all the materials needed to renovate your bathroom. You will still have to make certain choices from suppliers, but you will benefit from any contractor’s volume discounts.

Depending on the size of your room and the quality of the materials, the cost of a bathroom renovation is usually between $9,000 and $40,000.

Questions to ask a bathroom contractor

It is important to meet more than one potential contractor before entrusting your bathroom, if only to compete their ideas with their prices. By discussing the project with them, you will get

an idea of their suitability for you and what you have in mind. Your instincts are important, but contractor checks are even more important. The best contractor are sometimes good liars …

11 questions to ask contractor

Here are some questions you should ask potential contractors for your bathroom remodel:

1. How long will the renovation take?

2. Do you provide a complete bathroom remodel solution?

3. Are there any temporary fixtures that we can use while renovating our bathroom?

4. How many employees will be involved in the bathroom renovation?

5. Who will oversee the work being done?

6. Will we have to prepare the site or will your team do it?

7. Is debris disposal included in your quote?

8. What precautions will you take to prevent damage to my house?

9. Is it possible to see some of your past work? Or get referrals from previous clients?

10. How long have you worked with this trade name and license number?

11. Which suppliers should I go to choose the different elements for my bathroom?

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