How To Repair Bathroom Wall Water Damage

The infiltration of water into the walls of a house can result from a pipeline problem or fault isolation. Detection is moreover complex. It is sometimes invisible to the naked eye. If you find yourself with water seeping into the walls of your home, follow these tips to repair the damage.

How to spot the water leak?

Spotting wall water infiltration is often difficult as it requires the services of a professional. However, have basic knowledge of the leak in order to avoid damaging your installations and to note the case of infiltration. A few drops of water will be enough to destroy your house if infiltration is not detected in time. Damage in the pipes is difficult to access, but it is nevertheless detectable.

Good localization is then essential. Any wet corner of a house indicates the presence of a leak. The problem is that it is difficult to detect (especially if the pipe is embedded). Collaboration with a plumber is necessary to locate the leak. This professional will intervene to detect the source of the infiltration and repair the damage according to the standards. To do this, he will apply the technique most suited to the situation.

Some checks to do before repairs

The water leak detection technique proposed by the plumber is one that will cause little damage. Once the infiltration has been identified, a few checks are carried out before carrying out the necessary repairs. Check the condition of your installations before proceeding with restoration work.

Take a quick look at toilets, tanks, fittings, water heaters, and plumbing. In case the water infiltration problem persist, contact a professional. The latter is in the best position to identify faults and determine the necessary repairs according to the damage observed. Water leaks are often detected through traces of moisture on the walls and deformation of the pipe material (or walls). Timely intervention will limit the damage caused by the leak.

The main causes of water leakage

Along with capillary rise, ventilation failure, and hydro static pressure water leaks are one of the main sources of moisture in a home. Water infiltration occurs when rainwater seeps through the roof or walls of the home and eventually soaks the walls. This can represent real dangers for the home and the health of the occupants. There are also water leaks in basements, cellars, and other areas (semi-buried or buried) of housing.

With the pressure exerted by the ground, water penetrates through the walls of the facade before reaching those of the interior. Common causes of water infiltration into the home are crevices in the walls, pipe leaks, clogging of gutters, leaks, the aging of the joints, the porosity of the materials, and the difference between the level of the exterior floor and that of the interior. With the latter case, it is a lateral infiltration. Despite the abundance of causes of water leakage, the consequences are not less. They are often boring. In some cases, these inconveniences can turn out to be serious.

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How To Repair Bathroom Wall Water Damage
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