How To Repair Bathroom Floor Water Damage

What is meant by water damage? Wet spots on the ceiling, puddles of water on the floor or a downright flood: water damage can have many faces. If you discover water damage in your bathroom or apartment, you should act immediately and minimize the damage.

Causes of Water Damage

Typical causes of water damage include:

  • Burst pipe
  • defective sewer pipes
  • penetrating rain on roofs
  • The flooding after heavy rain
  • leaking fittings
  • leaky joints
  • defective radiators
  • burst washing machine or dishwasher hoses
  • Construction defects, poor insulation

It is not always immediately clear what triggered water damage in the first place. In such cases, experts can use measuring equipment and tools to locate the leak.

Tip: You will find suitable specialist companies that you can contact in the event of water damage on this interactive map: simply enter your place of residence or postcode and the appropriate companies will be displayed.

Eliminate water damage: This is how draining works

Once the cause of the water damage has been found in your bathroom, the next step is to dry the affected areas. Complete drying is extremely important because this is the only way to avoid mold in the bathroom!

Duration of drainage after the water damage

If the walls and floor are only superficially affected by moisture, they dry out in a few days. If the masonry is damaged, the drainage can take several weeks or months.

How does dry work?

For the drying after the water damage, it is best to consult a specialist. In the event of a pipe burst in particular, the damaged area must first be found and the damage then professionally repaired.

When draining, a distinction depending on the area concerned, whether it is a blanket drying, wall drying, floor drying, or room drying is.

The specialist also knows that drying method is best used:

  • Condensation dryer (most common method): The moist air is sucked in and converted into condensed water.
  • Adsorption dryer: The humid air is sucked into a container with the desiccant, where the water vapor binds to the surface of the desiccant and can then be discharged via a hose system.
  • Infrared or dark radiators: When the wall is exposed to heat, the moisture evaporates and the wall can dry.

Tip: The drying devices use a lot of electricity. If you did not cause the water damage yourself, you can claim these additional costs from the insurance company. To do this, ask the company that carries out the drying for proof of the electricity consumption. Then ask your energy supplier about the costs of consumption and inform the insurance company about them.

Important: Before you initiate repair measures, you should definitely contact the insurance company. This decides whether an expert may have to assess the damage.

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How To Repair Bathroom Floor Water Damage
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