How To Install A TV In Your Bathroom

Yes, you read it right: “installing a television in your bathroom“. People are highly dependent on games of thrones and sitcoms that they don’t want to miss even a single episode. A bathroom might not sound like the most suitable place to install a TV, but it’s a trend that is quickly catching on. It is common practice to place the main TV in the living room while the additional TVs can be installed in the bedrooms. As technology grows rapidly, people now need the television in the bathroom as well. Unlike installing a TV in the living room, a TV in the bathroom requires special attention. Let’s look at different things

What to consider when installing a TV in the bathroom

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It goes without saying that you will need to place the TV far away from the shower or bathtub. Try to install it on the opposite corner that will allow a good view from the shower. Some people prefer to install it with a good view from the shower, while others prefer to install it with a view from the bathtub.

This is a personal decision to be made based on their preference. When deciding on the location, consider the following aspects

  • It must be away from the shower or bathtub
  • It has to be a dry place

Install the TV away from the water heater

  • It should be near a power supply and have easy access to the cable.

Security check

A bathroom is a wet place, so the safety of electrical appliances, be it a heater or a television, should be given immense importance. Due to the damp nature of the bathroom, companies produce special televisions for the bathrooms. These televisions meet the industry-standard classification for water resistance.

They are designed to withstand the moisture in the room for a long period of time. Never install a regular TV in the bathroom as it will break down within a few days. A moisture-proof TV may cost you more than a regular TV, but that’s the order of the day.

Types of televisions in the bathroom

As mentioned earlier, a waterproof TV is a must in the bathroom. There are many types of bathroom TVs on the market. The basic version is only waterproof and looks similar to a normal television. Then there are bathroom TVs with anti-fog screens which are highly recommended. The third variant is the most attractive, as it offers a rich look with added functionality. These are televisions with a mirror screen. When the TV is turned off, it becomes a mirror for your bathroom.

Types of installation

TVs in bathrooms can be installed either in the wall or on the wall. With the first type of installation, the television is built into your wall and does not protrude outwards. This provides a layer of security for them and will not invade your bathing area. If space is limited, you should opt for a flush-mounted installation. To do this, the walls of your bathroom need to be touched up a little. A surface installation is very similar to conventional televisions.

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