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Before starting the realization or the renovation of your bathroom, it is important to make a point to take the best care of this living space where you can relax.

What questions should you ask yourself before starting to install bathrooms?

Whether it’s an existing bathroom that you want to renovate or a new room to renovate, the design and creation of your powder room is a project requiring a real investment. This is why it is very important to ask yourself the right questions and to clearly define your needs before starting your work. Indeed, once the configuration of your bathroom is established and your sanitary appliances are in place, it will be difficult for you to change everything. Here are some questions to ask yourself to complete your project:

– Are you creating or renovating your bathroom?

– What sanitary elements will make up your bathroom (shower, bath, toilet, etc.)?

– Who will be the users (parents, children, guests)?

– What storage furniture is needed?

– Do you plan to install a radiator there?

– What is your budget ?

– What style do you want for your bathroom (classic, modern, retro …)

– Compare qualified professionals near you

– Do we have to measure everything to better organize a body of water?

It goes without saying that the size of your bathroom is a cornering criterion for its layout and decoration. This room is often small with its average surface area of 5m² or 6m². It is therefore this surface area that will primarily determine your choices as to various sanitary elements that will constitute your bathroom (bath or shower, one or two basins?). Before choosing your sanitary elements, therefore, consider making a plan of your bathroom. On squared paper, be sure to note the exact dimensions of your room, to the nearest centimeter! Locate the locations of electrical appliances (outlets, switches, etc.) as well as the plumbing pipes. These are important constraints.

Before installing a new bathroom, the old one must be dismantled …

If you need to take the old bathroom apart before installing the new one, it’s important to factor this cost into your overall budget. You may also want to keep some of your current equipment (lights, tiles, floors, ceiling, etc.).

Be aware that the demolition of some elements can cause damage to others. If, for example, you want to change the wall coverings, some partitions may have to be redone later.

How to install your bathroom?

If you are still hesitant to undertake the installation of your bathroom yourself, keep in mind that connecting a sink or a bathtub to the plumbing is not very complicated, as is the removal and installation of a tiling. So do not hesitate to inform yourself and consult the tutorials available on the internet if you have the slightest doubt about certain operations to be carried out.

Always remember to turn off the water supply before unscrewing your taps, that goes without saying. Make arrangements to use another body of water at home, with your friends, or neighbors during the work. Achieving your dream bathroom will likely take some time.

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