8 Ways To Make An Older Bathroom Attractive Without Remodeling

Do you dream to transform the interior of your bathroom without problems, special investments, and even in a short time? Let’s share with you eight simple ways that only take one day

To quickly and inexpensively update the bathroom, it will take one, a maximum of two days. And it’s not a joke! In such a short period, it is possible to make noticeable changes, while spending a symbolic sum. But first, you need to do a global clean-up – and then put into practice the eight methods below.

1. Update the grout

It is the grout of seams on the tile – something that immediately catches the eye and gives out how many years ago was repaired. But if you apply a special paint that will update the grout, it will be the impression that the tile is laid recently and the repair is still quite fresh. This work, although it requires diligence and accuracy, but it is definitely worth it.

2. Buy a new blind

When entering the bathroom we are immediately greeted by curtains. Not only does it, like a wall, take up a lot of spaces in the room, it also involuntarily sets the style of the whole room. Therefore, replacing the curtain, you instantly and appreciably reincarnate not only the space, but also the overall atmosphere in your bathroom. For more effect, choose something bright or dramatic.

3. Mix in a new way

Transforming the bathroom will help with the appearance of a small, but such an important detail as a faucet. Give up standard taps, take and put, for example, a nice vintage model or ultra-modern and fashionable mixer. And to make the result seem even more spectacular, supplement the acquisition with similar style fittings.

4. Use vinyl stickers

It is easy and easy to give your bathroom a completely different, fresh, and intriguing look with decorative stickers. They are water resistant, perfectly mask the shortcomings of tiles and other surfaces, and easily removed and leave no trace. It seems to be an ideal option that is worth trying.

5. Adjusting lighting

You can replace both the main lamp and the additional illumination. Try something new and choose a completely different design, different from the previous options. Perhaps now it will be a refined crystal chandelier, and for this interior should not be a classic, because eclecticism welcomes the most unusual solutions and combinations. Do not hesitate to experiment, as well as illuminate mirrors or bathroom shelves.

6. Looking at our feet

Perhaps the fastest change without installation. Buy a new bath mat! The main thing is to pick it up so that it is combined with the curtain, then together they will create a holistic and complete composition. In this case, the bathroom will reign peaceful harmony, and it is expensive.

7. Replace the mirror

If you had one mirror, now hang two, just not opposite each other. And the old is necessarily changed, so that the form and framing it was radically different. And if earlier in the bathroom hung an oval mirror without a frame, now let it be rectangular, in a beautiful wooden frame. This simple method perfectly transforms the bathroom.

8. Transforming accessories

Even though it is small things, but, as a rule, it is the details that accentuate and make the weather in the interior. Therefore, cups, stands for toothbrushes, soaps, hooks and other accessories will be excellent candidates for renewal.

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