7 Common Problems With Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house, the amenities of which every modern person uses every day: in the morning, to take a refreshing and invigorating shower, in the evening, to relieve fatigue and relax after a busy day.

In apartment buildings, most often the area of this room is small. In this regard, many owners have to face the problem of the need for the most appropriate use of space.

Aesthetic appearance also plays an important role. Therefore, proper planning, taking into account the functionality of the items, will be the main factor in creating a bathroom. So further we will talk about the main mistakes that arise when renovating a bathroom.

1. Calculation errors

When calculating the required number of tiles, remember that you need to purchase it with a margin. After all, some elements will have to be filed during the installation process.

For laying at an angle of 45 degrees, the “surplus” should be 15%, and for horizontal rows – at least 10%. Do not throw away the tiles remaining after the repair. After all, over time, some fragments may split or burst, and the model you need by that time may no longer exist.

2. Trust but verify

It is quite common (even from reputable manufacturers) that the tile size indicated on the package does not match the actual one. Even a slight deviation of 2 mm, in a row of 10-15 tiles

will already be clearly visible. Before purchasing, you should first measure a sample of the selected tile.

3. Plasterboard ceiling

The use of a plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom is allowed only if the room is very well ventilated. The

best alternative is stretch ceilings, they are moisture resistant and do not stain in case of leakage.

4. Low floor

One of the most common mistakes is floor level mismatch. When making repairs, it is necessary to take into account that the floor level in the bathroom should be much lower than in other rooms. Such a precaution will help to effectively protect your own apartment from flooding. If it is not possible to lower the floor level, then a threshold with a height of about 8 cm should be provided.

It will also be useful to make an additional drain in the floor connected to the sewer system. To do this, the floor surface must have a slight slope towards the drain.

5. Wall decoration in the bathroom

You should not choose dark shades (gray, black, brown) tiles for wall cladding. Because, discarding dark reflexes, it somewhat distorts the visual perception, thereby giving the skin an unhealthy look. Therefore, it would be wiser to use light-colored tiles or ceramic mosaics in pastel colors.

6. Plumbing installation errors

If the repair plan in the bathroom provides for the transfer of plumbing, it should be noted that the angle of inclination of the sewer pipe should be 3-5% of the distance to which the bath or washbasin is transferred. That is, when removing any plumbing fixture from the sewer riser by 1 meter, it will need to be raised by 3-5 cm.

7. Bath installation

If a technical hatch is not provided in the box of the built-in bathtub, then in case of malfunction it will be quite difficult to repair it. And also when installing the bath, make sure that the inclination of the bowl is made to the drain, for a better outflow of water.

If space permits, then for owners of a spa bath, it is best to install it in the center of the bathroom, in contrast to the common stereotypes that it should be in the corner. In addition, if necessary, this will greatly facilitate access when eliminating the causes of problems.

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