5 Tricks For Making Small Bathrooms Look Bigger Without Remodeling

A bigger bathroom without remodeling?

No matter how small your bathroom is, there are tricks to make it look bigger.

Discover with us the refinements of the room designers and find out which strategies you can use to make your small bathroom appear larger.

1. Natural Light

Natural light makes a room appear bigger and bigger.

So make it as easy as possible for the sun to get into your bathroom by removing everything from the window that obscures unnecessarily.

Window decorations or plants, for example, but also sun protection that is too dark. So the bathroom is not only brighter, it also opens up to the outside, and looks bigger immediately.

If you want to increase this effect, you can also use tricks:

• Hang up mirrors that reflect the light into shady corners. Don’t worry, your bathroom doesn’t have to look like a Saturday Night Fever, a mirror or two is all you need.

• Shimmering chrome fittings reflect the light – this makes the room look bigger.

• Smooth surfaces, shimmering wallpaper and glossy floor coverings also reflect the light in the room, and make it brighter. Disadvantage: bright, shiny surfaces are less easy to care for.

2. Light Colors

Light colors make small rooms appear larger.

This means if you want to visually enlarge your bathroom in a simple way, you are basically right with light tiles and wall colors.

Basically. But not always….

Because (unfortunately) the “small rooms-light colors” rule works especially where:

• High ceilings are

• Lots of light flows into the bathroom

• The floor is dark or wood colored

• If the bathroom is rather low and dark, white quickly appears gray and dreary.

The solution?

Instead of desperately lightening a dark mini-bathroom, opt for the coziness of small rooms. For example with a dark accent wall in gray, brown or dark blue.

3. Be Generous

One of the most common mistakes when setting up small bathrooms?

Exactly: ” Everything has to be as small as possible.”

The opposite is usually the case: a generous washbasin with a spacious cabinet makes the bathroom appear larger, many small shelves, baskets, and boxes, on the other hand, tend to create chaos.

Our recommendation is therefore: to choose few large pieces of furniture instead of many small ones. When it comes to storage space, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Tip! Built-in wardrobes are great for small bathrooms. In contrast to free-standing furniture, they offer an ideal space-storage space ratio and also look classy.

The color of the cupboard should match the rest of the bathrooms or be mirrored.

4. Glass

Rely on glass for shower walls and doors.

Because unlike the classic shower curtain or opaque shower doors, the glass shower does not create another wall in the room.

Instead, it allows you to see all the square meters of the bathroom at a glance.

For more privacy, major manufacturers of modern shower cubicles also offer walls and doors in frosted or decorated glass.

5. Little Details

Many details make a room unnecessarily small.

So if you want to enlarge your bathroom, forego unnecessary details.

Instead of many small pictures or decorative objects, choose a part that should attract attention. This can be the designer washbasin, the cool mirror or your favorite motif as a mural.

Keep everything else simple.

This makes the room appear calmer, and you guessed it, larger.

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Tricks Small Bathrooms Look Bigger