5 Things To Be Careful Of When Remodeling Bathroom

Often, during repair work, some seemingly trifles are not taken into account, which turns into big problems in the future. Therefore, it is important not only to calculate the repair, but also to carefully think over every detail.

5 Things To Be Careful Of When Remodeling Bathroom

1. Correctly estimate costs, effort and duration

A bathroom remodeling are not only a big step financially, very few have any idea of the costs associated with a new bathroom. (According to the FORSA study, 33 percent of those surveyed cannot estimate the amount of investment required for a bathroom renovation at all; most estimate it at around 9,000 euros.)

The costs for a complete bathroom renovation vary widely. The price depends on the size of the bathroom. But be careful: The number of square meters (square meters) is not the only decisive factor. The existing pipes and lines, the level of equipment and the desired functional areas also influence the costs. You can plan around 20,000 euros for an average bathroom.

A bathroom renovation means a real construction site in the house. If the house is occupied at the time of the renovation, various precautions must be taken. This includes the protection of the walkways, and the erection of dust protection walls.

2. Plan for the users of the bathroom

Old, or young, large families or single households: when renovating a bathroom, you have to pay attention to who is using the bathroom, and what needs are there. It makes a big difference whether the bathroom is used by one or two people or a whole family. A chic single washbasin where four people want to brush their teeth at the same time in the morning certainly makes no more sense than a spacious bathtub that restricts the available space at the expense of the storage space that may be required.

It is not just the number of bathroom users that are decisive, but above all the age and the associated requirements and restrictions. For example, a household with young children usually needs a bathtub rather than a large walk-in shower. Families also often want seating in the bathroom. Pointed corners and edges, on the other hand, could be particularly dangerous here.

Thinking about tomorrow today – an important aspect when planning a new bathroom. In doing so, not only the specific situation in life, but also foreseeable changes in living conditions, and the resulting demands on the functions and equipment of the bathroom should be taken into account.

3. Take bathroom planning and measurements carefully

The on-site measurement is the decisive moment between planning and implementation. This is not just about the exact dimensions of the room including doors, windows, ceiling heights and sloping ceilings, but also the position and route of the cables and power connections. Often existing floor plans are very old and not accurate.

You should therefore not rely on this, but in any case has a professional and detailed measurement made before an upcoming renovation. The centimeter is particularly important here for small bathrooms. A small number shift happened quickly and was difficult to fix afterwards. It is extremely annoying if the ordered or even specially made goods do not fit, for example if the bathtub or a washbasin is too big.

Often the opening radius of the door is not taken into account in the planning. Many doors open inwards, and then come into contact with the toilet, shower enclosure or vanity unit. In the case of bathrooms under the roof, the inclines must be taken into account to be able to cut the shower partition or mirror accordingly.

4.Provide adequate ventilation

The bathroom is a damp room. When washing, showering and bathing, there is not only direct splash water. Water vapor is also produced, which can fog the surfaces, distribute itself in the room, and deposit on the walls. Not every bathroom has a window and therefore, adequate

ventilation. There are many indoor bathrooms, especially in cities with limited living space. The installation of bathroom ventilation is urgently required here.

5. Pay more attention to function than to design

In magazines and online we see beautiful bathrooms, spacious wellness oases with every imaginable comfort and unusual design. At first glance, absolute dream bathrooms that you would like to see in your own home. It quickly happens that optics come first and functionality is neglected. A new bathroom has to look great, but it has to be a place of individual relaxation for its user and serve them in their daily routine. This means that it is quickly over if the chic large bathtub does not offer enough support for a small person.

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