5 Good Reasons To Renovate Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom starting to age, it no longer meets your daily needs, and yet, you hesitate to renovate it? This room of the house, generally of a small size, is often relegated to the background, when it comes to refurbishing it. However, beyond its role as a temple of hygiene, the bathroom is also a place of relaxation and well-being that we like to find after a long day of work.

Many are reluctant to carry out work in this room, for practical reasons, and especially budgetary. In fact, just like the kitchen, the bathroom houses many expensive and technical elements that increase the cost of the work. However, there are many reasons to take the plunge and undertake a bathroom renovation. You are not convinced ? We give you 5 good reasons to change your mind!

1. Renovate your bathroom to make room for comfort

Beyond the functional side, the bathroom must also be a place dedicated to comfort, in which you like to take refuge.

Renovating the room can help you create a true haven of peace, resolutely Zen. State-of-the-art equipment, well-thought-out lighting, wall and floor coverings… All these elements contribute to creating a whole new atmosphere in your bathroom.

More than you might think, the colors and choice of lights can really change the room and create a relaxing effect.

2. Renovate your bathroom to benefit from a modern installation

Tired of your shower mixer that no longer works? Of your plumbing that is breaking down? From your old-fashioned tiles? Would you like designer, functional and easy-to-maintain sanitary facilities? By renovating your bathroom, you will be able to benefit from modern equipment and in perfect working order! Have you always wanted to treat yourself to a beautiful Italian shower? A double sink, so that you no longer have to queue behind your other half to brush your teeth? A spa bath? Suspended or washing toilets?

It’s time to undertake a small renovation …

3. Renovate your bathroom to save money

At first glance, it is counter-intuitive, but renovating your bathroom can save you money!

Even if the price of such a renovation is often significant, this expense should be considered as a long-term investment. Indeed, the old taps (washbasin, shower, bathtub etc.) consume much more water than new ones.

In addition, by renewing your bathroom heating, your possible water heater, as well as your lighting, you can also made significant savings on your energy bill.

4. Renovate your bathroom to make everyday life easier

Renovating your bathroom is also an opportunity to make your daily life easier. By opting for a double basin, for example, you can occupy the room with several people; by increasing the number of lights, you can put on makeup or shave without having to strain your eyesight. In addition, by choosing an Italian shower, you also limit the risk of falls …

5. Renovate your bathroom to enhance your home

Like the kitchen, the budget for renovating the bathroom is substantial. It is for this reason in particular that future buyers are very sensitive to the quality of these parts. If the refurbishment is important, you may have trouble finding a buyer. On the other hand, if they see a modern and well-equipped bathroom, they are much more likely to be interested in your accommodation. In addition, by carrying out this renovation, the value of your property then increases logically.

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