3 Important Questions Before Bathroom Remodel

Are you not satisfied with your current bathroom and would like a new one? This is not a problem! We will show you how you can plan the renovation of your bathroom stress-free and how it works in detail.

3 important questions you need to answer before bathroom remodel:

Where do I start when planning a bathroom renovation?

Who can I hire to renovate a bathroom?

Which material should I use?

1. Where do I start when planning a bathroom renovation?

If you have made the decision to turn your old bathroom upside down and design it from scratch, then sooner or later it will boil down to a bathroom renovation. So that you can keep track of the most important planning steps and get an idea of the bathroom renovation process, we answer the most important questions about bathroom renovation here.

Will my bathroom be renovated?

A complete renovation usually involves gutting the bathroom, and then rebuilding it. In contrast to renovation, complete renovation is a rather radical variant in which not only individual objects are replaced.

2. Who can I hire to renovate a bathroom?

After the first considerations, things get down to the nitty-gritty: We’ll show you who can give you advice and practical help in bathroom renovation.

Which craftsmen do I need?

When it comes to a complete bathroom renovation, it is best to always turn to professionals, as this is not a particularly easy undertaking. You need support from a plumber, tiler, electrician, bricklayer, and painter. If you need custom-made solutions for your bathroom, a carpenter can also be an option.

Everything from a single source, one company for complete renovation?

As you can see, bathroom renovation involves a lot of organizational effort. However, you can counteract this by hiring a single company for the complete renovation. On the one hand, it saves you a lot of stress by handing over responsibility to an expert; on the other hand, the process can be better planned.

If you have any questions about the exact process of bathroom renovation, you can get in touch with a central contact person who will give you professional advice, taking all trades into account. The company automatically ensures interfaces between the craftsmen and thus faster communication. Since the process is consequently smoother, you can count on a fixed completion date and, additionally, usually receive all services at a fixed price.

3. Which material should I use?

After you have clarified the organizational issues, you should find out more about the materials for your new bathroom. Pay particular attention to the aesthetics and functionality of the furnishings.

A glass shower, for example, gives the room more size thanks to its transparency and automatically makes it appear more modern. You can also choose from a variety of showers trays with different shapes and materials such as acrylic, steel enamel or mineral colorate for your shower.

Wood is particularly suitable as a material for furniture and shelves, as it is durable and robust, but at the same time creates a noble impression. Do not forget to include suitable accessories in your bathroom, as these ensure a feeling of well-being and a personal touch. For example, wonderful driftwood inspirations for your bathroom, which you can easily imitate yourself, are particularly unique.

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